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Collaborative Q&A Part 2 — Creating the right environment for collaborative meetings

Question #2:

What if a client doesn’t want to engage a coach in a collaborative matter?


In an ideal world, many of us would change our work environments to suit the collaborative work that we do, but that comes at a cost.

A no-brainer is to always provide coffee/tea/water and some snacks – and of course tissues!

Some other suggestions:

  • Create mood lighting;
  • Ensure the chairs are comfortable;
  • Make sure that the clients are not sitting directly opposite each other in the room;
  • Provide break-out rooms, in case clients need to pause during meetings;
  • Replace your boardroom table with a low coffee table (ideally round) so as to remove the physical barrier of the big table;
  • Create a large light and airy meeting room to cater for the energy and emotions that come with collaborative meetings

But the most important thing is the “metaphysical” right environment – the relationship between the professionals must be working and those professionals must role-model respect, trust, openness and transparency. Without this key ingredient, the surroundings no longer matter.

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