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There is a better way to solve disputes

Collaborative practice: out of court solutions that create longer lasting and more satisfying results.

We are a community of experts in NSW who help people achieve this. Our aim is to support those experts as well as the people they serve.

Collaborative Practice

Is Collaborative Practice for You?

Picture this:

  • A method to solve legal disputes;
  • like mediation but everyone works as part of a team;
  • a focus on the things that matter most to the people in the dispute;
  • in a safe and positive environment;
  • with experts who help craft custom made solutions.

This is what Collaborative Practice is.

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Split up and bringing the children’s voice to the center

By Alex Namisnyk At the CP(NSW) training day on 19 May 2023, I had the benefit of participating…

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Our not for profit organisation represents those specially trained experts who use the Collaborative Practice method to find solutions to legal problems. Our members include lawyers, mediators, financial experts, mental health professionals and social workers.

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