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CP(NSW) Members Part of the Collaborative Conversations

CP(NSW) have embraced AACP’s Collaborative Conversations podcast series by engaging in the first two episodes in the series.  Click on the link below to hear from Bernie Bolger, Simeon Levin and Susan Warda about The Value of Three Professionals Working Together and to listen to Jamie Burreket and Bernie Bolger in their episode titled Why Choose Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice.

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The Collaborative Conversations Podcast series is designed to inform anyone going through separation more about how the Collaborative Practice process works. For those concerned about their children, their finances and their future, it’s not to be missed. The series is presented by some of the leading collaborative professionals from around Australia. It provides listeners with ideas and insights into a much better way to manage separation, one with fewer arguments, less stress, and no secret strategies, while being cost and time effective.