Recent CPNSW Events

Fifty Shades of Collaboration. 

Recent CPNSW Events

On 15 September 2016 a large group of collaborative professionals gathered at the Union Club for an event presented by Arun Abey, one of the world’s leading experts on Behavioural Decision Making*. Using a combination of humour and intellect Arun shared his insights on the science behind decision making and what it means for the collaborative practitioner.

The presentation was peppered with glimpses into research in the areas of Behavioural Economics, Evolutionary Biology, Behavioural Psychology and Neuroscience and illustrated how small a role logic and rationality can play in the process of human decision making, irrespective of educational and intellectual background. Arun touched on the evolutionary basis for the power behind the themes of money, children and sex (one or more of which will be familiar to anyone involved in a family law matter) the prehistoric desire for safety, security and abundance and the consequent deep seated psychological factors operating behind the decision making process. Highlighting the value of understanding those factors in managing and facilitating the collaborative process, Arun offered take away tips that ranged from:

  • If clients are worried about their own food and shelter, it is nearly impossible to get them to empathise with their ex-partners needs and concerns
  • Don’t underestimate the impact these fears and anxieties can have in decision making, learn to identify the signs.
  • Acknowledge fears and anxieties and work (preferably with a coach) to overcome them to assist in the decision making process.
  • Consider the impact of “visuals” when delivering information – ‘A picture paints a thousand words”
  • Make sure you don’t offer collaborative clients too many options for settlement or you run the risk of analysis paralysis– try to narrow them down.

A big thank you to the Training and Functions Subcommittee.

*”How Much is Enough?” Arun Abey and co-author Andrew Ford

The Secret to Social Media Success in Business

sue ella prodonovich
With more than 20 years of senior level experience in winning and growing business under her belt, on 8th November Sue-Ella Prodonovich delivered a fascinating session on the role of social media in marketing and business development.

Sue-Ella specialises in business development and client experience management in the professional services sector and has a particular interest in client feedback and engagement programs and business development coaching.

Like it or not, it is clear that social media has a significant role to play in business marketing and development across the board and is clearly an area to focus on in promoting and developing collaborative practice. Sue-Ella’s Top 7 Tips are:

  • Start yesterday
  • Segment the Services – start a business Facebook page
  • Make a great profile on LinkedIn/Facebook/Webpage
  • Cheat – look at hot topics on Google – get an idea on what family law. Content or stories are trending/ share news from an association/ re-tweet/ re-share an interesting article/ get a ghost writer
  • Restrain yourself – don’t self-promote excessively
  • Add “bling” – visual content sticks, but don’t use ‘stock’ images – have your own images
  • Google yourself – need to be on Google and firms should be on Google Alert.

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